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tv   [untitled]    January 30, 2012 7:18am-7:48am EST

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has been and is still being discussed in russian society for quite some time now. all right r.t. if you're going to piss me off we will continue to work even close watch on the forthcoming russian presidential election thanks very much. historic talks between the u.s. and the taliban have reportedly begun in qatar pakistan who had previously tried to block the talks has now let's talk about leaders passed safely through its territory the two sides are said to be discussing trust building measures including a possible transfer of prisoners from guantanamo bay however the taliban has refused washington's demands for a ceasefire before it releases five taliban it's. from the think tank new world strategies coalition tells us here at r.t. at the peace talks show a military solution is now impossible for the united states. they thought the taliban could be defeated in down the way the talks could go on without the taliban
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in the taliban's were regarded as the terrorists and also an alternate taliban are good people. and this has proved long for ten years and in fact if there is going to go for another ten decades this there will be no military solution to afghanistan i stand in need of see tank in the knowing to soviet era invasion of afghanistan that there was no military solution whatsoever and we knew all along that the only solution for afghanistan would be political it down to it has a bumpy road you have some high walls to climb. before we get to kate with the business knowledge so check out the r.t. world update some other international news in brief let's start in ny jiri or so where the. terrorist organization is suspected of attacking a police station in the northern city of car no gunman opened fire and threw
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explosives killing two civilians in the assault over the weekend the organization distributed leaflets all around the city warning residents of more attacks on security services ten days ago carried out multiple blasts in kano which are left almost two hundred people. a pakistani doctor is waiting to see whether he'll be put on trial for assisting the u.s. in its raid on osama bin laden's compound dr afridi helped the cia collect d.n.a. samples from residents in the bad to check if the al qaeda leader was there last week u.s. defense secretary leon panetta publicly acknowledged that the doctor provided key data and head of the operation. a car pileup on a florida highway has left ten people dead and a dozen others wounded authorities are trying to figure out what triggered the horrific crash witnesses say drivers were blinded by fog and smoke from
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a fire that may have been started intentionally at least a dozen cars and six trucks were. why are more used to come your way in about eight minutes time for now as i promised though it's kate and the business. welcome to the business program thank you ari. as we've just been hearing about me putin has outlined the changes he thinks needs to be made to the russian economy peter recognizes the need to diversify away from more materials reduce state control over business and improve the investment climate. capital believes the country needs to act now to avoid future budget problems they'll be strong market economics and political economy incentives for put in should he return as a president to be much more reform oriented and much more proactive in introducing
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and implementing these kind of reforms this is an idea that we've been trying to advance your address and scrap it all russia is already running to significant fiscal deficits based on our estimates into three years' time russia will start running current account deficits this deficit will need to be financed somehow therefore it is really it will be imperative for drug economy to change and i think of putting understands that i think that he would like to ensure that russia's image as an investment destination is changed a little bit and i think there are enough incentives for us to assume that you might be a little bit more broad reform oriented in his term as a president of course if he if he wins the election. in his article putin writes the russian economy needs a new wave of industrialization and industrial holdings should be created to boost competitiveness the chairman of russia's institute for contemporary development
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says for this to work russia first needs to reform trade unions. unions at the moment. is that was in the soviet union so. democratically elected trade unions civic society industrial employers class and the state coming together. attacking the situation as a brainstorm save session liberalization and revolution in regulation cutting down the red tape to a bare minimum. ok let's have a look at the markets and we'll start with oil is trading mixed traders are cautious ahead of the european union summit in brussels and later on monday even tensions with iran fell to support the oil price around step the all men says that the crude could reach one hundred fifty dollars per barrel of the embargo of countries like schools coming into force in july this looked obvious he is talking
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about the branches that one hundred eleven dollars. and on to exit is now european bourses all failing to withstand the pressure head of the e.u. meeting is likely to be in the spotlight once again differences are trying to reach a deal with private bondholders dissolve the physician almost two thirds of a percent the dax is half a percent lower and here moscow the markets are shedding value this hour in sympathy with global indices low all is adding to the pressure is down more than a point six percent the my sex is eating a third of a percent. and all the biggest movers on the my sex my spine out jews are in the red with losing point eight percent and energy majors are bouncing back from earlier and also. lucullus gaining over point four percent this. and also the currency rights low all prices are weighing on the ruble is losing
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against both the dollar on the view right on the euro is retreating against the dollar ahead of the euro zone summit. and now a business exclusive all like that of the owner of the world's biggest element and producer will sell i want to rush as the richest men predicts the first hole of a good year could be tough for his business he sees commodity prices remaining stable with growth only coming in the second half. we don't expect. another significant improvement the next six months and now we are not in the very bullish but optimistic for the second part of the year but it's unknown how much just market is quite stable in general course we can have. in the positive transformation in the improvement in the slowdown in europe but in general and state. speaking about all the rest of business before men's all leg that
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a past that expects concern about upcoming political changes in russia the tycoon is getting ready for a transition period federal institutions not government agencies you know we should not do is our problem and not just in case it's happened and we have a transition period in government being an effective maybe from august and it's important because we have an ongoing reform second we still have ongoing process of adjusting our russian situation there's a new w. some people nation from foreign trade in europe european demand enough care and see in the pricing and the parity in numbers busier and of course in sentiment. and you can see that it's very of all i got a basket and unfold on our website dot com for a slash s.s. . as innovation hubs skolkovo is welcoming its first residents. paid
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fifteen projects out of all and fifteen hundred applicants giving them free offices one hundred fifty thousand dollars in stalls up tapazole school bus head victor of exile bug outlines the plan for the ship. to be personal with no school it came as a surprise but skolkovo managed to attract over one hundred fifty million dollars of private investment last year this year we'd like to double the figures for a large corporation it's not a lot but to get it for high tech and research orientated small and medium sized businesses it's very impressive. the stuff you do misdemeanors. the business and i'll be back in about fifty five minutes i'm going to get those market updates of place in five minutes.
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if you're just joining us a very warm welcome. from moscow headlines now international observers in syria kill time in their hotel awaiting further instruction from the arab league as fierce fighting continues all around the capital dozens killed in fighting raging in the suburbs of damascus. iran warns it could stop supplying the oil to some e.u. states in response to sanctions against its nuclear program which is currently undergoing a un inspection despite the iranian parliament suspending its debate on
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a complete ban of crude. and e.u. leaders meet in brussels for the first summit this year with the agenda is far from you with greek debt still the center of discussion at the meetings taking place against the backdrop of the austerity protests and the general strike. next as iran braces itself to face the effect of fresh western impose sanctions we sit down with its interior minister to ask how the current standstill is influencing affairs inside the country this is art. the possibility of war between the united states and iran is being debated there around the world that's what the mood is like inside the country to discuss that the n.l. joined by iran's interior minister. lot larger it's possible thank you for your
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time mr stone is that they were talking several days after the e.u. introduced oil sanctions against iran and i know the iranian leadership has responded by saying the sanctions would do more harm to europe than to ron jr still since iran gets seventy percent of its revenues from oil do you have any fears about negative social reactions including strikes as people may lose their jobs do you take this somehow into account in your work or you know. that these speculations are new to our country and our government or the power of the people all around ruling bodies or in power as a result of popular voting therefore our government and are all for it is a completely popular and our people have participated in all areas and spheres of our life from the very start of the revolution therefore as i've said there's nothing new about these talks which are actually quite outdated and irrelevant you
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know nonetheless they keep speculating on this matter of trying to stir up psychological warfare inside our country or in the countries of the region or probably among people of their own countries that have enough of their own problems attempting to find someone else to blame for them we don't sell that much oil to your of illnesses and our european accounts don't have that much money. so you are starting to get this all stop the u.s. and the west as a how do not conceal that one of the main tasks of these sanctions is to get the oil prices for the iranian oil lower that's decreasing their revenues from the oil iran saudi is they want a two we used to manipulate the political situation now. the way we're doing it again and i believe they've made a big mistake as this action results in turbulence for the oil and energy markets this very fact it can result in oil price growth in these conditions the west should expect the drop in the euro rate and the euro market this new decision will
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result in further economic problems which as we can see have affected them already and so far they've been unable to find solutions with oil and energy markets will experience instability and turmoil and this factor can boost prices for oil and energy products and jeopardize the market security but this is quite difficult for the markets which going by previous experience is used to consuming certain kinds of oil and energy and this also brings up technical and economic issues at the same time we're not worried for iran at all we've ensured our efficient planning in advance and with god's help we will continue moving forward but in the year the decisions taken today by the west unilaterally will result in the escalation of their own economic problems covering the story iran ians nav as the rankins with the aggressive and military rhetoric being built up by the west bank and they aren't as i've said these words and you knew that these speculations have been going on for thirty years and there's no news in it to the iranian people the
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people of iran are in charge and they always participate in everything we don't sense any problems inside the country and if i may i would like to ask you about the recent killing of a nuclear scientist there have been other similar cases and as far as we understand the investigation into it has not made great progress so far why have there been no substantial results and who might be behind the killing. of this is clear is day and they admitted mossad and the cia as well as some european security services don't like to see nations progress they would like to have control and a monopoly over everything is out of the great a rainy a nation and follows the path of searched. in for new technologies and it wants to stand firmly on its feet by means of its own strengths and produce its own knowledge they disapprove of this progress and they don't want to see other nations develop themselves and the fact that they come over to such people's homes or attempt to murder an educated and broad minded university professor at highlights
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the grave nature of their situation that it demonstrates that the us and israel have disgraced themselves in this matter that they speak of human rights and at the same time they officially perform terrorist attacks and promote state terrorism expansion. in their slogans we see their idle talk on fighting terrorism their deeds however do not match their words they brought their troops to afghanistan under the pretext of defending human rights and fighting terrorism and drug trafficking and the drug reps of increased forty fold since the americans got there and the number of casualties among innocent men women and children has increased significantly and so has the level of instability in the region that we actually witness terrorism development in the region of drug mafia and drug related revenues have grown as well and we see contradiction between their words and deeds. the scientists assassination will only make the iranian people stronger and more focused on their goal. you know people understand that they've chosen the right
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path the one of scientific progress the adversary doesn't want to see this happen that it would cause harm to them physical annihilation of people in full daylight as a sign of the adversaries complete powerlessness and despair our initial yes last i now that iran is having parliamentary elections in a month in many countries not only arab ones election may be used as a way to create provocations there are always some people unhappy with election results and this discontent me snowball i am concerned by this that a similar scenario man followed in iran. no thank god we've had twenty nine elections to date and this. election campaign will be our thirtieth election and it will take place in absolute peace and security like all the previous ones because our defense citizens in all the regions all the cities and villages will willingly come to polling stations and cast their votes to designate their delegates to parliament to serve the purposes of development and prosperity for our country. but
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there is that us there that's us and you know that r.t. has been comprehensively covering the situation in the arab countries as we have covered the wars in libya and syria we often heard complaints from the leadership that the intelligence services of other countries have stepped up their operations on the territories of the countries concerned in the past year the way many are ledged mercenaries in syria and libya who could see with our own eyes that some people were apparently not libyans but fought on the side of the rebels can you see any increase in the operations of intelligence services from other countries or any attempts to penetrate your territory at least in recent years since the latest events in the arab countries began. you see foreign powers and other enemies are at work everywhere they might also be present in our country but we do not feel we should worry about this of course we should look out for superpowers and our enemies attempting to interfere in the home affairs of arabic countries especially
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in syria and in all countries where the people are in charge of running their nations they must keep track of such attempts or i don't know of other ways years worth of work until it's been about a year since the arab spring began a first even the iranian leadership hailed the movements in egypt in libya as expressing democratic sentiments but now that one year is passed the attitude towards the events around your country has changed do you still believe those are people are driven by their own democratic ideas or do you see hunt of other countries in the events of the arab spring. we support any popular movement as long as people's demands are legitimate and the imperialistic regime of world supremacies is obviously trying to lead people away from the right path and neutralize the popular movement or transform it in favor of their own interests but it will have to get a pure straightforward and righteous path that people have been following you know
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what countries of the region however is stipulated by their willingness to defend their. right which is a legitimate demand from iran's viewpoint but that is the biggest can one say that the instability in the region has considerably increased the narcotic drugs trafficking well we need our long kong yes afghanistan is certainly the focus of narcotic plantations now the americans and europeans are there and since they came narcotic drugs production has increased forty four old and it's a financial source for most terrorists who infringe the security of central asian states the states of the region and russia itself it's a threat not only for iran but for the region at large and russia if russia fails to keep an eye on what's going on next to its borders and around the country and this threat will most probably become a serious problem for russia itself it's a fact that both iran and russia host the main drug trafficking route where at the beginning of it because the drugs first penetrate our country and then follow to turkey and then to europe and on the other hand russia is also on the route that
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it's northern and because the drugs penetrate russia through central asia and then go to europe you know we suffer serious losses on this route more than three thousand seven hundred lives have been lost in the attempt to resolve this issue and given we as humans are convinced we have to go on with this ruthless battle so as to save our people and despite the fact that the world community does not lend us necessary assistance in this cause we're alone to bear most financial costs and human losses in order to continue the struggle shut down the borders and blockade the territory inside the country in order to prevent the trafficking so it seems iran and russia will have to take responsibility for the problem themselves that they've been in the u.s. in when was the one of our best i was just the pairing for this interview several colleagues approached me at r.t. asking if there was going to be a war between iran and the usa are you on phone. as well as well in
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let me say this again all those fabrications are not new. to us the islamic republic of iran is a strong power capable of defending its regional security fully and the iranian people being a great and powerful nation are not afraid of those futile threats that. are and. were shot four times in total and. syria's a boys are still in my body. and people should be allowed to defend themselves where are they on guns in the hands of law abiding decent people are not a problem national rifle association. basically retired
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military we love to shoot holes and i'm sorry if you know that the bullet comes out here and this makes it go bang and if what's in front of here is going to die and that's all the training you really really need raise your hand if you know something's been. killing what i want to feel dull feel the streets. and chill out of the hopefully we will never have to use the weapons for self defense but we should be prepared for the full class including the teacher i think was. seventeen students and i think i'm one of seven or still.
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the headlines on international observers in syria killed time in the hotel awaiting further instruction from the arab league has. continued around the capital. being killed in the. stop supplying oil to. states in response to sanctions against its nuclear program which is currently undergoing a un inspection that's despite the iranian parliament suspending its debate on a complete crude import to the whole european union. leaders meet in brussels for the first. with the greek debt
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crisis that's still the center of discussion the meetings taking place in. the protests and a general strike in. sports with kate. larry thank you for joining me and here are the headlines. super novak djokovic tells his epic us trade open triumph over rough aadhaar as his best ever. love rapid fire arsenal scored three goals in seven minutes in an amazing comeback after out of the f.a. cup. on their way to help col stanley such as a meltdown on the last hole of the farmers insurance open to give grants to cap unlikely victory. first tennis and over a jug of h.
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has described as a straight open victory over rafael the doll as the best win of his career the world number one outlasted his rival over five sets in an epic match lasting just under six hours to become the longest grand slam final in history the servant came from a set down to clinch the next two and looked in control in the fourth set but. winning comeback by adults who responded for a tight decider and lead for two however jacket which hit back in the first. seventy five sealed america five hours and fifty three minutes the final score five seven six four six two six seven seven five the titanic tussle is not only the longest grand slam final but also the longest ever back to the story move the focus which is only the fifth man to proving to go forward if so be it all six of them to start over with the finals djokovic this.


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